– ClO2 Ecom Air Mask –

The Evolution in Air Traeatment

– Solid Chlorine Dioxide: The Virus and Germ Buster –

Technology from Japan has developed a breakthrough product that addresses technical barriers that baffled the world’s chlorine dioxide experts for hundreds of years. pioneering the development of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) into a daily lifestyle product for health protection.

Chlorine dioxide is the latest generation of disinfectant, and can strongly decompose and acidify germ protein, not only eliminating germ efficacy, but also killing their propagules. It acidifies and decomposes the source of bad smell, thus controlling its production and totally eliminating odor. Aside from these, no harmful compounds such as trihalomethane are produced in the process of germ killing or odor elimination. The solid chlorine dioxide in this product has overcome the traditional method of spraying at a single target, which has been in use for over hundreds of years; It uses the thorough penetration of released chlorine dioxide gas to kill the germs and viruses floating in the air or attached to objects, thus eliminating odor and purifying the whole atmosphere.


ecom air mask


ecom air mask

ecom air mask

ecom air mask

ecom air mask



ecom air mask


ecom airmaskES-010 Ecom Air Mask
(air disinfection/deodorant/hay fever protection)

By putting on this Ecom Air Mask, you are protected against viruses and germs.
Its effectiveness of disinfection and deodorant lasts over one month after opening.

エコムエアマスク バッチタイプES-020 Ecom Air Mask badge type.
(air disinfection/deodorant/hay fever protection)

Newly released badge type of Ecom Air Mask

エコムスプレーES-015 Ecom Spray

Easy to use. Spray type.
You can spray on wherever you noticed bad smell or need to disinfect at home.
It’s handy.

エコムルームミニEK-011 Ecom Room Mini
(ClO 2 )

New generation mini air purifier.
Its simple design allows you put anywhere with room interiors.
Small light Ecom Room Mini can be installed every corner or space of rooms and toilet, car and etc.